Thursday, April 22, 2010

10:00 pm marathon? Seriously?

I just got an email from a friend about the Wine and Dine Disney marathon and half marathon with start time at 10:00pm. Really! Who has the energy to run 21K (or 42K!) at 10:00pm? Not me. But the post race wine and dine event is a good idea. Actually , I got excited about the idea of running in Disney thinking my younger daughter would be entertained by the scenery of the theme parks. However, when I realized that the start is so late in the evening I was out. Instead, if my Achilles tendon stops  hurting so that I could actually train, I would try the Montreal 1/2 marathon on September 5th as a pre-Barcelona race experience.
Speaking of Achilles - the pain is back. I am not able to do longer distances and that irritates me.. I will go for an MRI to see what is going on. I would like to find a solution so I can train for longer races...
Happy running to all!


  1. I do hope the MRI shows nothing serious and that your achilles feel better real soon. I totally understand how irritating this must be for you. Big hug (((())))

    As for a 10pm start...not for me thanks! I'll be getting ready for bed at that time :)

  2. Hope the MRI gives you hopeful news...
    I couldn't run that late at night either. If you are interested in a Disney race, the Princess race was wonderful.

  3. Better not to run a marathon by night, the long distance requires a perfect shape and a not tired body after a whole day. Sorry for the tendon, I hope you will heal very soon.
    Barcelona...wonderful city!

  4. I guess they hold it so late so that the parks are closed to visitors. That, to me, means no spectators either. Hope the MRI results are promising. As you know, this is an injury I can relate to.

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