Thursday, March 4, 2010

10K and hubby crashed!

The weather in Montreal is lovely so on Tuesday hubby came back from work earlier and we went for a run. We ran 10K at just below 11M pace. This is hubby's first 10K and although the run went well, I think he pushed too much and about 45 minutes after we stopped he crashed! His body has on fire (or full of lactic acid)! He had the shivers, his face all red and he was exhausted to a point where he couldn't get off the sofa to have dinner. All symptoms of overexertion. At about 7K into our run he complained that his left calf muscle is very tight and his right quad was hurting. My suggestion to stop right there at 7K and leave the 10K for another day was rejected before I could even complete my sentence. I am convinced that was testosterone talk. 'Who? Me? Stop before I can show you how fit  good I am? Never!'... well, he didn't say that but his behaviour (and stubbornness) did. I didn't insist cause his breathing seemed fine to me... oh, well, he was fine then next day but when earlier this morning I talked to him about running again on Saturday he was not trilled... I hope he won't get discouraged because I really enjoy running with him...

Today was a very good day for my pace. I did a 6K run and get this - my best lap pace was 9:22M which is 5:50K. My average pace for the run was 9:48M (or about 6:22K)! Yes! What a difference from 13M when I was injured two months ago. Plus I had negative splits - my best pace was my last lap before my cool down! Yupee! The best part of all that is that I felt (and feel) the difference. I feel a lot more in control of my running, of my form, of my body, of varying my pace, etc. Now I want focus more on technique. Next week I will do intervals and the week after I will attempt my first hills. Please, feel free to give me your advise on what to do to improve my running from now on. I am not training for any event(s) yet, my goal is to improve my speed and endurance further and most of all, my HR. Oh, speaking of HR, two months ago my resting HR was 71. Yesterday I noted that the monitor was showing a -3% max HR when I put it on, So this morning I took my resting HR again and it was at 65!!! Yes, yes, yes :)

Question for you: how fast do you usually notice a change in resting HR? How often can it change? How low can it go for a woman (41yrs, 5'3 tall)...

Happy running to all!


  1. You're going to be too fast for me :)
    Can't wait to see you!!

  2. I don't have answers for you. My husband has those moments of pure testerone talking also. It's a guy thing. Welcome to my blog and I can't wait to keep up with your training. Good luck!