Monday, March 8, 2010

10K today

Yesterday I ran 3K with my hubby. After his 10K disaster, he smartened up and realized he has to build his endurance slowly so we went for a run without any plans in terms of distance. The idea was to run until he felt like it... it was also the first time he ran with his own Garmin so he was able to monitor his HR. I think he is hooked :)

Since Sundays are my long runs days and I only did a 3K (pushing the stroller again) I decided to do a 10K today. It was a gorgeous, sunny day again! Perfect for running. My pace was good (average was 6:59 and my best lap was 6:28)! But my ankles were not great. After the 8K I felt stiffness in both ankles. It was OK to finish my run but I was thinking that I can't do much longer distances like this :(  I was hoping to do a 15K in a week or so but I don't think I will be able to.

This coming Friday will be lots of fun. Myself, Anne and Jo, are doing a 10K run to celebrate Anne's birthday following which we are all going to a Nordic Spa (Strom) and getting all the muscle pain and body tension massaged away... I can't wait!
Happy running!


  1. Nice job on your run:) Oh boy, going to the spa sounds heavenly!! Have lots of fun with the girls:) It is good to pamper yourself every now and then!

  2. I can not wait!!! :) :)
    I hope your heels don't start giving you too much trouble again...good job on the 10K, your pace is so good!

  3. The spa thing sounds heavenly!!
    Good job on the run!