Sunday, March 28, 2010

Best 10K pace so far and still sick...

I've had a crappy week! I am still sick!!! I have been feeling pretty bad all week - very congested and now coughing so running was not high on my list but since last Sunday still manage to get out 4 time and managed to run a 6K, 5K, 6k and today a very cool (pace wise) 10K!
I am not a believer in continuing to run when sick so after my 6K last Sunday I took the longest break since my return to running early this January. I took a whole 3 days off! Unlike when I had to take a break due to my Achilles (and hated not being able to run) this last week, for good 3 d-4 day, I could not even think about pounding the pavement in the condition I was in. So after 3 days off I started worrying if I am going to fall behind ... but was able to catch up on my mileage. In fact, I am past my distance goal for the month (I've singed up to 1000K and 2010). All good! But today was the best. I am supposed to run a 15K with Anne next week and since my runs lately have been short 5-6Ks, I really needed to do a long one and work on endurance. So I ran my fastest 10K ever - 6:30 or 63 minutes total time. I did take 3 or 4 walking breaks of 60 seconds each and when I factored them out, I ran my first sub hour 10K. While sick and congested and blowing my nose every 20 seconds! Very happy with myself! I actually thought that if I can keep up this speed for another 32K (impossible) I would run a marathon in 4:40 (even more impossible). At least not yet. After about 8-9 kilometers, my Achilles usually starts to hurt so no marathon plans just yet.
Hey, there is nothing wrong with daydreaming.
Happy running!

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  1. Yay on a great run my friend!! :)
    I do hope you are feeling better though...