Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's HARD jogging with a stroller!

Yesterday I did 5K my hubby and since it was a nice, sunny day we decided to take our toddler (in the stroller) with us. I pushed the stroller (hubby hurt his back a few weeks ago so he was careful to not compromise his form). This is the first time I run while pushing the stroller... man, was it HARD! My pace was considerably slower (almost a minute longer per km) and my HR was up.. half way through I crashed and was sure I won't make it but took walking break (1min) and made it to the end of the 5K. It was surprisingly difficult not to be able to move my arms. I read your blogs and so many of you push  2 or 3 kids and run 10-16 miles, even half-marathons and I really don't know how you do it! WOW! I know I am not going to try it again unless I absolutely have no other choice. But hats down to the women who do it every time they run! That's determination!

Today was a rest day, tomorrow is my killer pilates and I am hoping to run before that.

Happy running to all!


  1. Oh, yes the humbling experience of pushing a stroller!!! I push my two who total 80lbs. It is HARD and my HR goes up quickly too!

  2. running with a stroller sucks! I hate it, but sometimes I have no choice. But, with 3, it's nearly impossible to run with the stroller. You can't get to speed!

  3. That sounds like quite a workout! Glad you had company on your run once again...maybe you can get him hooked too :)

  4. Yes, it truly is harder to run with a stroller because you can't pump your arms for power! I sometimes borrow a friend's baby and stroller just to get that ol' HR up like that.