Sunday, February 14, 2010

chalet and weekend recap...

I was very low on energy this weekend but managed to run both yesterday and today (5 Ks each day, although I had planned a  10K for today). Yesterday was not so bad as I ran first thing in the morning. Then we went to the country cottage of friends of ours for the weekend. I had big plans: cross-country skiing, run on the trials, etc, etc. Ended up with even lower energy and not feeling well so none of my plans happened... I was nauseous and weak... not sure what it was... we came back today around 4pm and I was sure I wasn't running till tomorrow. With the intention to relax, I started reading blogs in the attempt to catch up on the ones I follow. People did a lot of cool things this weekend. Many of you had great runs, or had to overcome low energy to follow your training programs, so I felt inspired and motivated ... sure enough, 15 minutes later I was changing into running gear... and went for a run! Even better, my husband came with me (for the first time ever!) and it was just GREAT. A nice Valentine's Day run! I am still low on energy and feel iffy but I feel a tad better than before the run. Yet another confirmation that you (bloggers) can and DO inspire people to run! I am grateful for running blogs! I am grateful for the ability to get inspired by the successes of others!
Weekend at the Laurentides (North of Montreal)

I can't stop kissing my little girl :)
my crazy husband playing in the snow with his (our) little princes
Afternoon nap at the chalet :)
capturing the fun (love my dSLR camera!)


  1. Looks like you had fun...although it sounds like we both had a bit of a low-energy weekend. Great job on the run, I know it actually did me some good to get out there :)

  2. I can't stop kissing my boys either! They are just so cute and kissable when they are little. That is so cool that your husband went running with you, what a treat. Good for you getting out there and running! Starting is the hardest part I find! Great job and I agree that reading blogs of other runners is so inspiring. Just knowing that there is this whole community of runners like you out there is so motivating. I read your friends blog and it made me laugh and is so true. Thanks for sending that to me.

  3. To run - for the first time ever - with the husband is a great, great Valentine's Day gift.

  4. One more comment - be sure to look at my blog post for today!

  5. hope you're feeling better ! Love your pics with your DSLR !! ( jealous ! ) ;)