Monday, February 1, 2010

Pilates day

Today is my pilates day. I take private sessions with an instructor that uses the Reformer machines and let me tell you, that stuff ain' easy! Every session is a challenge. I've been doing it for close to 2 years now and still, after every session my core muscles (and all over the body) are sore. The thing with pilates is that it makes you work out small muscles, ones that are often not used in other physical activities,and believe me, it is HARD! You are challenged every single time you go on that machine and if you go on vacation for even a week, then oh, boy, you feel like it's your first time again. But the effect is great! I got hooked after I had my second child at 38 and after an 18-year difference with my first. Trust me, my abdominal muscles were totally gone and my belly looked like a knee stretch on an old pair of sweat pants. Pilates brought everything back where it was supposed to be. Last week told my teacher I that was running again and now she is making me work muscles groups involved in running, even ones I didn't think WERE involved in running. She is insisting that to improve my running I do need to do those tiny lateral leg lifts while my feet are strapped in the springs (that woman know, she does Iron Men races for fun), and I am doing what she says ... but now my body is on fire... no complains, all good.

On another note, my husband started cooking! Yuppie! Since we did the kitchen reno and changed our range for propane, he feels inspired and I can't be happier :) So far, gourmet pasta, osso bucco, fresh herb shrimp on jasmine rice, a tiramisu! I am loving it :) Let's hope his new hobby will last and that I won't start gaining weight from all that eating.
Sunday night dinner - Osso bucco

tonight's dinner - shrimp with fresh herbs and jasmine rice

It is SOOO much better when somebody else prepares dinner?! Tastes much better!

So, a question for all of you: who does the cooking in your house?


  1. Good job on the pilates:) I know how difficult it is to do!! The food looks so good:) In our house I do most of the cooking and baking but my husband is the grill master!

  2. I love Pilates! You are so right that the reformer really works every muscle you have. It's amazing when you realize you have a "machine" for assistance but you still do all the work.

    My husband and I split the cooking each week. I tend to cook more stews for winter while he gets grill duty during spring and summer.

  3. I've never tried Pilates, but now I want to!!

  4. That food looks delicious! I do all the cooking in my house and it's usually pathetic!

  5. Pilates sounds like a great workout! Wow, those plates look so appetizing...hmmm that's not what meals look like at my place ;)

  6. Did you know if you changed the "L" in Pilates to an "R" we would have had Pirates Day?

  7. Lucky you!! Those meals look delicious!! I do all the cooking in our's something that I really enjoy. Cooking to me is so relaxing.