Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nail polish at 2?

So my older daughter is already influencing her 2 yr old sister! Look at this picture:

sisters :)

yes, it's bright red nail polish that N put on M's toes. M was so happy, she couldn't wait to tell her father when he came back from work last night. This morning at 7:00 I heard a big "WOW" coming from her room... when I went to see what's going on she was sitting in her bed admiring her toes' colour... "Regard, mama, c'est rough"... (Look mommy, it's red)... later her father took her to see her grandfather while I was at work (I teach Child Development on Saturday mornings).. so the first thing M did was take off her socks and show her toes to her grandpa... I think from now on there will be 3 of us requiring pedicure :)

On another note, I am happy with my running. I ran 8K on the treadmill on Thursday (way to windy to go outside). I was back to running outdoors today (6K) and was happy with my pace (10:15M). So all good. Boy, is it boring to run on a treadmill or what! And so easy to give up - I mean, when I run outside I run away from my house and then I have to get back. Even if I am tired, I have to get back home so when I want to do a longer distance I run half of it away from my house and then turn back an ...I find motivating, I am moving towards my target... Totally different story on the treadmill: I can stop at any time. The first negative thought and I am done.. or the first sign of fatigue and I am thinking about a nice hot bath, which is just two floors above my head ( my treadmill is in the basement).. I don't know how a friend of mine (Jo) runs >20K on a treadmill, I find this an accomplishment itself! To make it through my 8K treadmill torture, I stole M's portable DVD player and watched "Moon Struck" with Cher and Nikolas Cage. A very silly (but cute) movie I can watch over and over... OK, not more than once a year but still, I've seen it at least 10 times. The strange thing is that I cannot watch moves more than once but this one is an exception ... go figure! ... Well, I love the stereotypical (Italian) neurosis and loudness you can only see in Italian (or Mediterranean) families . Very Bulgarian too so watching the movie makes me feel like I am back home ...

Back to running, tomorrow I have a long run scheduled, I will try for 15K with hubby. Very exciting!

Question for you: Do you have a movie or movies that you like to watch every now and then? My hubby watches "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" every Christmas. Now we are all hooked.

Happy running to all!


  1. Hi Miglena! omg what an adorable photo, is there anything on the planet cuter than little toddler feet? And I love the colour you'll have to tell me what it is :) I really like the treadmill because I am the type of runner who just zones out. As long as my iPod is working I can crawl inside my head and every time I come out to check the numbers 30-45 minutes have gone by. I can't do that as easily outside, have to be aware of cars, road surface, other people, where I'm going...I like being in my workout bubble. But starting March 12 (!) I will be doing my 10k and long slow runs outside, weather permitting. Moonstruck is actually one of my favorite movies. Age of Innocence is another one I like to watch periodically. So terribly romantic and gorgeous to watch. Keep up the great work!!

  2. I do! And it's a Canadian movie about running called "Saint Ralph." You must see if it you haven't already. I had to buy a second DVD because I wore out the first one.

  3. Running on the treadmill is a drag for me too! Good job:) Cute picture of the pinkies:) Love the red color!!

  4. I totally can't stand treadmill running, so good for you.
    Love the pedis!

  5. ha ha ~ Love the pic of the toes ! Too cute ! I love that age where they get excited over the simple things ~ should we all be so lucky to appreciate those things!
    oh..yea, and I HATE the treadmill...HATE-HATE- HATE IT !!