Thursday, February 18, 2010

So far this week... 7.5K and 11.5K!

I've been busy (and stressed) at work so no time to really write a long post... or to even vent out about my bad, bad, very bad PMS this month! Instead, just a quick update. I ran a 7.5K on Tuesday and today I did 11.5! I was aiming for 13K today but stopped at 11.5 as I started feeling it in my (weak) ankle and also in the opposite knee. I guess I was compensating for the weakness in my right ankle and putting strain on my left side. Sigh! I was also thinking that the bike path I usually run on is not leveled and that might be further contributing to the imbalance. I do try to switch direction every 20 min or so but often forget or choose not to so I can avoid head wind. Well, I am still very happy with my 11.5K AND with my pace (average pace was 7.05K or about 11:10M). A pace of 7:05 is a new post-injury PR so I am happy :) Plus today was very windy, here in Montreal, so next time I might be even faster.

Here is the plan for the rest of the week: hot yoga tomorrow, a tempo run on Saturday (probably 5K) and I will try for another 10K on Sunday if I feel I've recuperated by then. I need to catch up on my 1000K goal for the year.
Happy running to all!


  1. I totally feel your PMS pain...that was me right before my half marathon again!! I need to plan a race when I don't need to worry about female stuff:) Good job on your run and keep it up!! I hope that your weekend is better...keep smiling:)

  2. That's a great pace for such a long run! Good for you...I may not be able to follow you when we do our 10K together :)

  3. Great runs. Hope your weekend runs go well.