Monday, February 22, 2010

Pace and HR improving!

I ran 6.2K today and was really happy with my pace (6:30K or 10:38M). I was very comfortable throughout the run and my HR stayed below 80% of my HRM. My present objective really is to build back my base training and endurance so at this point I am NOT working on speed . To see that my pace is getting faster while my HR is the same is a sure sign of improvement :) And a bonus -  my Achilles is fine!
I love my Garmin for all the data and analyses I can do post run.
Now, I am off to pilates for some hard work.

Question for you: do you obsess about pace and HR?

Happy running to all!


  1. congrats! I obsess about pace, not so much HR. It keeps me motivated to work harder!

  2. Excellent!! Your pace is actually pretty good from my point of view :)

  3. I too focus more on pace than HR. enjoy the Pilates!