Sunday, January 17, 2010

Awarding the Beautiful Blogger Award and Walking 5K

So here is my list of blogger who get the Beautiful Blogger Award. In order to accept it they would have to share 7 random facts about themselves and to award it to 7 other bloggers who they feel deserve the award:

Michingan here to stay
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The runner's tale

On another note, today I went for a power walk (5K or 3 miles) with my mom before she boarded a plane to go back to Bulgaria after a month of visiting us. The walk was very nice! I tried to run but my Achilles started hurting right away. I mean, I wasn't thinking I'd be able to but you know, we always think that if there is no pain when the injured area is resting then it must have miraculously healed overnight. Dah! So, I walked, which is still something as I have to do 60 more miles by the end of January in order to achieve my goal of 83 miles/month. Or in kilometers that's 138 km per month and I still have 100K to walk, run, do elliptical or crawl - as long as I do them it does not matter how. I wish I could run them but I have to get that Achilles healed first.

Tomorrow I am going to buy new shoes just in case that my current ones (although quite new) are pressing too much on my ankle and causing the irritation (I do feel a bit of pain on my other ankle so it could be the shoes)...

So, I am going to be sad for the rest of the night (week, month) that my mom left and hope she'd come back  soon. In fact, she mentioned a possible visit in May :) My mom loves gardening and since the house we just moved in needs a good green thumb, she was more happy to offer her help. Those of you who live away from your loved ones know how hard it is! We talk on the phone daily, email, Skype. Facebook, Twitter, etc. but it is still not the same as your mom dropping in for dinner on Sunday night or coming to babysit (on a short notice) when you've had enough toddler songs and silly games and need some adult time... arrhhh! I miss her!

I wish you all a great week and happy training!

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