Monday, January 11, 2010

Mont Tremblant Vacation

I am a neuropsychologist/Clinical psychologist in private practice. I also teach and do research. I mentioned in an earlier posting that last September (2009) we moved to a new house and have been busy updating the decor and the kitchen

this is our new kitchen

... so the last 3-4 months have been extremely busy and stressful for me. We usually go south in January but this year I didn't feel like it (the thought of my 26-month old having another tourista stomach flu in some Caribbean country didn't seem good to me)... so this year we decided to go to Mont Tremblant in Quebec (we live in Montreal so it's less than 2 hours drive from our house). We arrived yesterday and are staying at the Fairmont Mt Tremblant which is situated right at the bottom of the slopes and by the chair lifts, perfect for winter sports... We are not big on downhill skiing but I love cross country skiing... for the last 4 weeks since we booked our hotel I've been imagining myself cross-country skiing in the forest and then going to a Scandinavian Spa (you know the one where you are outside when it's minus 20 Celsius and alternating hot and cold baths)... well, we are here now and we have the most amazing view from our apartment and that's all I can do - watch others ski!

this is the view from our living room window, just stunning!
My Achilles is still very sore and I can't run, I can't ski, I can't even walk too long... I was hoping it will go away by now (it's been 4 days) but no, it's still there :(
so what did we do today? Pottery painting! I can't believe I had to come to the mountains to paint pottery
:(  ... bit it was fun... we are here with my mom, who is visiting form Europe, and my older daughter (who will be turning 21 in April)...
So, for now, no running, just mandatory rest, arts and crafts and quality time with my family... not bad but less than what I was hoping for...

this is me with my mom and younger daughter at the pottery shop today

If my injury gets better in the next 2 days I can still complete my weekly goal of 15k ... I am still amazed how little it took for me to get addicted to running again... thanks, Anne, for inspiring me (see the blog of my friend Anne

this is my older daughter with our dog Paco at the pottery shop


  1. Hey! I miss you, come home :) ...sorry to hear your achilles is still hurting. I hope it's not too serious. You're so sweet to give my blog address...this is *almost* as addictive as running :)

  2. OH and I'm totally enjoying your the pictures. I guess if we can'T get together at least we can follow each other's lives.

  3. that's true :) I have you on iGoogle so the moment you post I can see it and read it :) how fun is that :)...

  4. Just found your blog! Gorgeous kitchen and great trip! Is that a Bichon?

  5. thanks! no, it's a mini poodle that behaves like a cat most of time - he rarely barks and is very affectionate :)

  6. That is an amazing view, and your home looks beautiful inside too.

    Achilles tendonitis takes weeks, sometimes months, to heal and starting back before it is not will cause it to eventually tear. That's what happened to me! I wish you much luck trying to heal. Remember too to always wear shoes (never go barefoot since the tendon gets pulled when you do) and never wear high heels.

  7. seriously, your kitchen is amazing ... I want to redo ours in a very similar fashion!

    Hope the foot achilles heals up fast!