Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bio-mechanics and 3K today

I ran outside today (wohoo!). The weather was so mild that I couldn't resist the urge. My Achilles has been better in the last 2 days so I thought I'd go for a speed walk and IF I felt good after a while, I'd jog at a very slow pace. Well, I did and it was OK but my ankle got worse 30 minutes after the end of my run (when the area cooled down)... so I went to see my physiotherapist and she put me on a mandatory rest for A MONTH!!! I was devastated. However, she agreed that it might be my running shoes and that I need to go back to the Running Room store and try another brand. I did and guess what? The sales person told me I've been running with the wrong shoes!!! In fact, my old ones were "stability" or made for overpronators with low arches. This is what I was advised to buy at another Running Room store (the one at Dix/30 from those of you who are from Montreal). But today was told that I am NOT an overpronator and that my arches are rather high!!! GO figure! Who do I believe? I did end up buying a new pair for normal gait and normal arches or the "cushioning" style and am supposed to run on the treadmill for at least 10-20 K to see it my ankle would feel better. The problem is that my therapist forbid me from running for a month! Well, they (the Running Room store in Westmount) were nice enough to extend the trial period for 45 days (normally it's 30 days).
So, although today I felt better about the steps I was taking to heal my injury (i.e., going to physio, new shoes, slow pace, etc.), I am still not sure whether my feet are normal or crooked. So I decided to get a  more professional opinion and to seek a bio-mechanical evaluation of how I run - you know, the one where you run on treadmill full of sensors (an orthoscan) that detect and calculate every move you make and determine the problem areas. What motivated me was thinking of the time few years ago when I stopped running because of excessive injuries and don't want the same thing to happen now. Before I thought that once you get injured there is not way back to running but know I know better.
I will keep you posted if there are any interesting findings :)

Oh, and am I going to listed to the physio therapist and NOT run for a month? Probably not. But I will not run for at least a week.

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  1. LOL!! I'm thinking if you have the right shoes now that you shouldn't have to rest the whole month. LOL!