Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I am not posting but this is interesting!

Here is why injuries usually come in multiples.  This is a quick animation of the bio-mechanics of running- related injuries for overpronators.

OK, so I walked today for 5.5K (shhh, don't tell my physio therapist or my husband).


  1. LOL!!! My lips are sealed! (you didn't last long did you?)

  2. I love this diagram! Amazing.

    About that confession... in Dec my Dr banned me from running until an "undesignated date" in january. So on New Years Day I went out with some friends to a 10K. I didn't sign up, I just cheered for my peeps, and when I saw one of them struggling, I jumped into the race and ran her in to the finish. I only ran about 2K at most. The local newspaper was there covering the race and the next day, a photo of me running made the FRONT PAGE. I didn't know though, I don't get that paper, but my DR DOES... guess who was the one who told me I'd made the front page? Yea, the Dr! Anyway, I suspect that your Physiotherapist will know, even if you don't confess the crime!

  3. LOL, this is hilarious! I won't be surprised if I get caught as the jogging path I usually talk passes right in front of her clinic...