Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting started

Once a week I do Pilate's on a machine with a private trainer, who is does 1/2 iron man 2-3 time per year and runs marathons... I spoke to her about my running goals and her advise was to first address my old injuries by seeing a physiotherapist... preventing new injuries is part of my goal so I booked an appointment for physio... it's good, as I also need to take care of that knee or I won't be able to run long distances. I am also going to buy Spikys so I can run outside on the snow... After I get my health check from the the physio and my gear, I will make (and post) my outdoor running program... Very exciting! I have not told my friend (who is the inspirationfor my running) about my plans so if I succeed, it would be a total surprise to her :)

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