Thursday, January 28, 2010

Running, snow, and suppliments...

Today I did a 5K with my friend Anne (6.5K warm up and cool down included). My Achilles was great, no pain in the beginning, during, or after the run. The weather was mild but it was snowing! I had makeup on (I did go to work this morning) so my mascara was smudged all over my face. Still, it was just beautiful to run with the snowflakes melting on my face... well, when I was talking they were melting directly on my tonsils so that felt weird, but it was still good!

Anne and I at the end of the 5K today
Overall this week - good progress - no pain and 4 slow runs for a total of 16K. Not bad for a girl (OK, a woman) who was told she cannot run anytime soon. I guess, I have to share my secret with you. When I got the Achilles tendinitis I started reading blogs of people who have it too and I came across a website where the ultra runners blog regularly. There was an enormous amount of information on Achilles tendinitis there ( if I run for 100 miles I will no longer have an Achilles tendon so I guess I know why it's so popular with them). Many of them talked about their experiences with it. They suggested specific exercises and supplements. I did both. The exercises were mainly stretching the calves. The supplements are L-glycine, L=lysine, and L-glutamate. Perhaps that helped? I am not sure. I do know that I am running 2 weeks after and not 2 months as told by the Dr.

Happy running to all!
BTW, I just read the MOST beautiful letter from a mother to her one-year old daughter! It's from a blogger who I like a lot! Check it out here. I had tears in my eyes while reading it.


  1. Great to read about your progress. Let's keep the ball rolling in the right direction.

  2. Hi there,
    I just read the comment that you left on Jamoosh's blog about factoring in the time of the month and running. I guess I never thought about that before but it makes total sense! I am a follower of Ann's blog and love her:) I also read Jamoosh's blog him!! I have been blogging for about eight weeks and love it! I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  3. Julie, I am new to blogging too but not to hormones... I did my PhD research on hormones and memory in women so I know very will how estrogen and progesterone affect overall energy and the physiological mechanisms behind it... not fun! Progesterone can be cruel! But if you can manage to run trough those PMS days when progesterone is high (which can be as many as two weeks prior to the first day of menstruation), you can actually reduce the PMS-related symptoms...

  4. Good to know...thank you!! I might be asking you more questions as they come up and I hope that you don't mind:) Wow, you have a PHD..I am inpressed!!

    I see that you also have an older child and a younger one! We sort of have the same thing over here. I have a son who will be nineteen in February, a fourteen year old daughter and a four year old son. When I turned thirtyfive I wanted one more and my husband thought I was crazy! Well it is clear who won the argument on having one more baby:) We are so blessed and are so happy with our choice to have one more:) So you feel like you are so much more relaxed this time around? I feel like a different person...I am not as worried about the little things as I used to be. I hope that you have a great night and thanks for all of the helpful information!

  5. What could be better than a run in the snow? A run in the snow w/a great friend! You two are so cute together! Glad you found info on the AT.

  6. Nice pic ;)
    Love the comment you made on Jamoosh's post...hormones are so important to take into account...ugh!

  7. Thanks so much for the shout out! I'm totally feeling the bloggy love!

    So happy that you got to go run with Anne! Sounds like you are making real improvement on the Achilles front!

  8. So happy for you Miglena, that your injury seems to be under control. Wishing you many miles of continued injury free running :)