Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a bit of running today

My new Garmin

My tendon felt better when I woke up so this afternoon I was on the treadmill. It was a very light run, just 2.5 miles and I went very slowly. I followed the advise of another blogger (Run DMZ) who also has problems with her Achilles tendon and does warm pads over the ankle and calf muscle before a run and then cold after the run. so that's what I did too... I was hoping to run for 3 miles (5K) but the pain was getting stronger so I stopped. I was reminded of another truth about injuries today - they come in pairs or in multiples! Injuries that are ignored usually lead to other problems since we compensate for the weaker area with another area.. in my case, my sore right Achilles tendon is causing me to overuse my left side so at the end of my run today I felt sharp pain in my left calf... I know better so I will not run until both spots heal... I joined the 1000+ mile challenge of "Tall mom on the run" (but don't know how to add the logo to my blog, Blogger.com is not very friendly)... so, with 990 miles to go I definitely need to keep running, so the plan is: 1) rest, 2) go to physio, 3) do pilates and Yoga to keep the core strong.
aside from that, our vacation is still great, it was very cold today but weather should get better in the next few days... tomorrow will be Nordic spa, massage, and dinner with hubby while my mom babysits our toddler... woohoo!

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