Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I didn't want to blog about injuries!

What I had in mind when I first started to blog was a RUNNING blog not an INJURIES blog... (Sigh)
After my post last night I realized that all I talk about is my injuries, my pain, my 2-3K runs that I shouldn't even be doing, my speed walking. Depressing, right?! So, I decided to stop writing until I can RUN AGAIN. I mean, what is the point? I can't talk about pace, or mileage, or effort, or training program? I can't motivate others by writing about the difficulties I had to overcome during my daily runs. All I can tell them is "be careful not to run on an injury"!

So, I won't be posting much until I am back in running shape. Until then, I promise to cross-train, walk, do yoga and elliptical. I will, however, be reading all of your posts so that I can "steal" a bit of that ELECTRICAL feeling we love so much, the feeling after a good run. I will be living vicariously through your stories.
Happy training to ALL!

PS: there is another blogger who uses the name "runagain" ( Interesting :)


  1. Knowing how you got back to running after dealing with this injury will be important and inspiring to those who are experiencing the same thing. So little posts and updates once in a while would be nice...
    Do take good care and here's to quick healing! I can only imagine how frustrating this must all be :(
    Can't wait to talk in person :)

  2. Blog anyway. Tell us about your day and your other exercises and getting on the track to running after you get better!

  3. I find it inspiration to meet someone that has a longing and desire to get back to running after an injury! Keep the blogs coming! If nothing else, it can be therapeutic for you to vent about not running.