Thursday, January 14, 2010

the sad reality of injuries

I am paying now for my attempt to run the other day - my Achilles is more inflamed and swollen, I have hard time walking :( ... so I am definitely out for the next 2 weeks (I hope no more than that)... I've been doing a lot of research on Achilles tendinitis (i guess I should post some useful links here)... and now know it takes forever to heal... today I swam but it hurts even in the water... since we are still on vacation, hubby and I left our 2 yr old with my mom (who is with us) and went for a hot stone massage in our favourite hotel here in Mont Tremblant (La Quintessence)... then we had lunch at their fabulous wine bar by the fireplace and we loved the food so much that we returned for dinner with everybody... it was lovely... and the 2 yr old behaved so well, we didn't know she was there (thanks to Dora the Explorer and the priceless portable Sony DVD player)... since our hotel is right next door to the Quintessence, we walked there and oh, boy, my husband almost carried me up the hill - my foot was very sore... so my sad realization today was that it's been a week since I got injured and it's not getting better, on the contrary, it's getting worse... too bad, my brand new Garmin won't be registering any miles any time soon!

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  1. Sorry to read this :( ...I really hope it isn't too serious. It must be so annoying to get injured just when you're starting to get into running again...I feel for you. Big hug ((()))